Sunday, December 6, 2009

Penguins in Ria Formosa ?

Today: Juvenile Razorbill Alca torda at the harbour of Ilha da Culatra, Ria Formosa.


  1. Hi Georg, I have seen this Razorbill in the Ria de Alvor on 24th November as well, but didn´t take a picture as I had forgotten my camera.

    Thanks for the photo.

    Cheers. Frank

  2. Also up to three Razorbills at Tavira since at least 27th November.

  3. Hi June,
    saw one there, too - 4 Aguas, at the doca for the ferry-boat to Tavira Island, very close, yesterday. Have been "out of the office" for a while.
    Beijinhos, Georg

  4. Can you recommend any decent books (preferably english language) a novice like myself could use to identify the birds I observe around the Ria Formosa?